Conference Agenda

Pre Conference

Get a head start on learning; attend a preconference on April 15-17, before the full conference opens. Our preconference features keynote speaker national award-winning journalist, Ms. Cheryl Wills, along with 4 half-day workshops for program administrators and staff geared to program and personal development. See below for titles and more information. Online registration for preconference is now open, and limited space may be available onsite for some preconference workshops.

Sunday, April 15

Half Day
12:00 PM–4:00 PM

The World Climate simulation - Building your students’ leadership skills and STEM knowledge through an accessible and interactive activity.

With the use of an interactive computer model, this workshop will have you experience how your participants will develop leadership skills and increase their STEM knowledge through the World Climate simulation. You will see how students take on the roles of negotiators charged with creating a sustainable future, along with see what the scientific impact would be based on the decisions they make.

Monday, April 16

Half Day
9:00 AM–12:00 PM

Understand Yourself

This workshop is for those of us who are lifelong learners, seeking to improve a little bit each day. Jess Cisco will guide us through models, activities, and questions to enhance our self-awareness.We will learn from and with each other.And we will likely hear and see a glimpse of the deep humanity available inside each of us.
Session outcomes:
Discover, explore, and/or refine your understanding of what you need and value most in life.   Accept yourself, as you are today, a little more.  Decide what 1 -2 changes you will focus on to improve your life.

Half Day
2:00 PM–5:00 PM

Understand Others

This workshop will have you explore how to build better relationships through listening. Participants will learn from and with each other. And we'll practice being present and being curious about the human beings around us. Jess Cisco hopes to reveal how all of these concepts build trust in our relationships and enable better outcomes--in our relationships and our projects.

Session outcomes:  Learn models that will help us understand other individuals--and even ourselves. Enhance your ability to build future (or rebuild existing) relationships. Decide what 1 -2 behaviors you will focus on to improve your relationships.


Tuesday, April 17

Half Day
12:30 PM–3:30 PM

Key Steps in Preparing for the Upcoming Student Support Services Competition

The Student Support Services competition will take place as early as October 2019.  Just over a year from now, it is important for institutions to begin creating a writing team and collecting necessary data that is will assist the institution in forming a story that your institution needs these services on your campus.

This pre-conference session discusses different models institutions have used in their writing teams to give participants options of how to create a team that will fit their environment.  Also, learn how to intertwine your “institution’s story” with the necessary data collection to make the compelling argument that your institution needs these services for the eligible population.

Conference Agenda

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