2019 Board Nominations

Current Open Positions on the AEEE Board of Directors

Please read the Call for Nominations carefully and in its entirety to ensure full understanding of the process.

 An organization is only as strong as the leaders who guide the organization towards the fulfillment of its goals.   Please consider joining the regional leadership team and assist AEEE with protecting the future of federal TRIO.

The following nine (9) open positions for 2019 - 2020:

President Elect (1) - which is a 3-year commitment in which you serve the AEEE community and also on the Board of the Council for Opportunity in Education which meets 3 times a year. You progress from President Elect, President, and then Past President. Each year you will sit at the COE Board table and have committee responsibilities at the national level as well as leadership responsibilities to the AEEE membership and for many aspects of service to our TRiO students and professionals.

 District Representatives (5) - which is a 2-year commitment in which you coordinate activities within your region and serve as a member of the Board of Directors of AEEE itself. District Representatives represent a section of the state and they relay the needs of their constituents to all members of the Board. The New Jersey – District Representative for Northern, Central and Southern regions are each in need of a representative beginning July 1, 2019.

 Board Member at Large (3)- which is a 3-year commitment in which you serve on various committees of your choice and assist the Board and Executive Committee in carrying out the work of AEEE. There are three (3) positions open beginning July 1, 2019.

 According to the AEEE Bylaws please be advised of the following requirements to run for open positions:


Section 7: Qualification and Number of Directors

  1. To be nominated and/or elected to a position on the Board of Directors one must be a member of the Association and meet the qualifications for specific positions as follows:
  • As President-Elect, Treasurer, or Secretary of the Association as described in Article VI, sections 1 and 2 a candidate must have been a member of the Association in good standing for at least one fiscal year immediately preceding the date of nomination.
  • To be considered for the positions of District Representative and/or as a Board Member at Large, as described in Article VII sections 6 and 7; a candidate must be a member in good standing for at least 120 days at the time of nomination.

The AEEE Board of Directors meets 4 times a year and most of the meetings are via conference call or web conferencing. All Board members work diligently to serve the needs of our students while identifying opportunities for our regional colleagues to develop professionally.  The BOD also organizes a conference for regional members to network and learn best practices.

Nomination Restrictions

  • No person who shall serve as Director for any two full consecutive terms in a position shall be eligible for re-election to a third consecutive term as a Director in that same position.
  • Candidates for election must submit an application form.
  • Eligibility of candidacy must be certified by the Treasure of the Association.

Nominations is are now open

To apply for consideration as a candidate for the 2019 ballot, the enclosed nomination form must be completed and forwarded with a brief biography of the nominee, postmarked by March 1, 2019. Professional references are encouraged and should be mailed with the application. A maximum of 3 letters of support will be accepted.

Thank you for your participation and we look forward to having you  be a active member in the Association in the upcoming year.